The Press On Girl

My Inspiration

How? Why? What helps me to Press?

My mom, who is my confidant and friend, gave me my first bible and told me to pray nightly. This would ultimately lead me to want to know more about God and his son Jesus. She has has her own testimony of change and growth. She is my biggest supporter and I am grateful for her.

My siblings who always encourage and motivate through their jokes, love, and support. They are always available when I need them.

My children. Two young men that inspired me to never give up because they needed me. They motivated me to press every day even during my toughest times.

My grandchildren brighten my day. Just the thought of them, and who and what they can be, makes me happy. I am truly blessed.

My two daughter in laws make me laugh. And inspire my business creativity. They are smart, loving, caring, business oriented, beautiful women indeed. 

My church-After much prayer and persistent invitations to attend church. I visited one day and have been there ever since. My church and the teachings and knowledge that I have received from the leaders, mothers, and even the members, have changed my life. And while it has not been easy, it has definitely been worth it! Ultimately, prayer, faith, and God through Jesus, helps me to press through every day.